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The story of Tilli

Revive French craftsmanship and breathe new life into our items.

Where did the idea
come from ?

In the summer of 2016,

Beryl de Labouchere was on a quest: she needed distinctive yet budget-friendly outfits for the numerous weddings on her calendar, all while kickstarting her own business. Fed up with fast fashion, she sought a creative alternative. That is when she teamed up with a fashion student to reinvent her existing wardrobe. As they brainstormed, the student's advice rekindled Beryl's passion for revamping clothes. Thrilled by this fresh perspective, Beryl aimed to revive local craftsmanship and make it accessible to all. She wanted people to effortlessly connect with artisans to cherish and sustain their everyday items. The name "Tilli" pays tribute to the first test client of this groundbreaking service, whose name was inspired by "Trilli" - the Italian word for Tinker Bell. Tilli, alongside its pioneering team of couturiers, embarked on a thrilling journey to reshape and co-create a new economy celebrating these essential yet artistically inclined trades.

In the summer of 2016,

In 2017,

Benjamin Michel and Antoinette Fine teamed up with Beryl to create a robust founding team ready to innovate in an industry that unfortunately had seen very little change for over a century. The trio anticipated shifts in strategies within the fashion industry, notably with the introduction of the Agec Law, alongside changing consumption patterns due to the rise of e-commerce and the transition of retail. Their goal was to help the fashion industry by co-creating a new service that would revitalize it sustainably. This gave birth to Tilli — a platform intended to connect consumers, artisans, and partner brands. Tilli's vision was crafted with a constant desire to place humanity and craftsmanship at the core of the experience. By creating a tailored algorithm and solution, Tilli facilitated exchanges, provided artisans with suitable management tools, and offered turnkey solutions for partner brands. Tilli aimed to enable every consumer to easily access an artisan to care for, restore, and cherish their clothing and belongings. While Tilli's concept began with a proposal to revalue clothing, the goal had always been to highlight all artisans. Over time, the service expanded to include offerings in decoration, leather goods and shoes.

In 2017,


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+ 500 Tilli Artisans all over France


Everything that defines our story is woven together with and for our Artisans. We hold an unending admiration and passion for their craft, recognizing them as the foremost talents and finest ambassadors of our narrative. At Tilli, we are a close-knit family of over 600 artisans, pouring passion into every piece they create. From couturiers to embroiderers, leather artisans to cobblers, our artisans embody passion. They are spirited, curious, attentive, and always attuned to your needs. Their expertise comes from working alongside renowned creators, attending prestigious fashion schools, learning from family, or self-taught endeavors. Each one possesses extraordinary talent. Our artisans come from all around—from France, Morocco, Venezuela, Brazil, Hungary, Sierra Leone, Spain, Korea, to Cambodia. They blend expertise with charm. Some have had various experiences before joining Tilli, while others are just beginning. But they all share one common aspiration: to shape our present, infusing it with vitality and excitement at every turn.


Here at Tilli, we are a tight-knit family, firmly believing in the power of a supportive environment for collective growth. We handpick our team members, valuing not just their professional skills but also their personal qualities. Once they are part of our team, we support and encourage them, fostering ample opportunities for sharing, exchanging ideas, and mutual learning. Our talents are the cornerstone of our success. That's why we make it a point to strengthen the strong bonds that tie us together and define our community every single day. At Tilli, diversity matters greatly, and we celebrate the unique qualities of each team member. Although every artisan brings something different to the table, we share common ground. Listening, learning, challenging ourselves, showing humility and professionalism, paying attention to details, and freely expressing our talents are the values that unite us within the Tilli community.

Through these portraits, we want to tell their stories.



Born in Bogota, Colombia, into a family deeply rooted in the sewing and fashion world, I've inherited a rich legacy. My grandmother and aunt are skilled seamstresses, while my mother and uncles are entrepreneurs in the garment sector. As a child, I was immersed in the art of embroidery, folding and sewing alongside them, and that is how my passion for textiles was born. Naturally drawn to this world, I pursued fashion studies and established my own brand and store in Colombia. However, as my fashion philosophy evolved, I sought a more environmentally conscious approach. Temporarily pausing my brand, I came to France to learn about sustainable fashion principles. That is when I encountered Tilli, a place where my passion and values perfectly aligned. Since 2021, I've been part of Tilli's Parisian workshops. What I find most fulfilling is hand-sewing, embroidery, and engaging with clients. Guiding them to breathe new life into their clothes brings me immense joy. Contributing to a more ethical fashion realm is my daily mission.



I'm a 49-year-old architect from Venezuela. When my family and I moved to Chile in 2009, I left behind my architecture career and delved into creative Venezuelan tapestry. Alongside this, I discovered a passion for photography, even earning a diploma in the field. However, when we moved to France in 2014, finding employment posed a challenge. In 2018, I discovered Tilli, and it became a turning point in my professional journey. Engaging with clients not only helped me improve my French but also introduced me to a diverse community of artisans. Working alongside fellow Tilli members enhanced my skills in sewing and alterations, igniting a particular passion for crafting curtains. Joining Tilli gave me back financial independence and the flexibility I needed. It allowed me to create my bag pattern brand, focusing on upcycling fabrics in different ways. Tilli lets me do assignments while still working on my own project.